Designing Alarm Circuits Check Availability

  • 4 lessons (plus an introductory lesson)
  • 8–10 hours of instructional time
  • Grades 1-5

How do electrical circuits work? The lessons in this unit will get students thinking like electrical engineers, starting with the storybook, A Reminder for Emily, about a girl living in the Australian outback who needs an alarm to remind her when it’s time for chores around the ranch. The hands-on activities in this unit reinforce science concepts including conductors and insulators, schematic diagrams, and circuits. For the final engineering design challenge, students plan, create, and improve their own alarm circuit. Download a free unit preview to further explore this teacher guide and storybook.

EIE YouTube channel, See this kit in action in a real classroom.

Item includes: Teacher's guide, 30 student story books and materials kit.

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